How Can You Get This So Wrong?

This is really annoying me. No – I’m not decrying Dell’s socially responsible contribution to the whole [RED] campaign. That’s laudable. No – what gets me is how they really, really don’t get their (email) marketing right.


Come on Dell – you and I have been doing business for at least 10 years now – I really think you should know quite a lot about me. I mean, you know my details (I registered), you know my marketing preferences (no junk please). You know my browsing behaviour (from my registration). You know my buying behaviour (I buy a computer from you every 3 or 4 years). OK – you know I bought my first laptop from you nearly 8 years ago. You know I bought a desktop from you 5 years ago. You know I bought another laptop from you 16 months ago.

So why oh why do you send me something two or three times a month trying to persuade me to buy another one of your computers. PCs and laptops aren’t as expensive as cars but they are more expensive as CDs and DVDs. They are more expensive than iPods.

I am not going to buy a new one every month so why do you insist on sending me stuff. You know the one you sold me last time is going to at least last another year or two depending on how tight I’m feeling the pinch.

(You should know that I bought a MacBook by the way guys, Mind you – they’re as bad – why would I want to buy another now?)

I just get annoyed now. It makes me not want to buy your stuff.


It annoys me as much as Ocado. I’ve never bought anything there. I registered (just so I could have a look at what was on offer) and ever since you haven’t got the message that I’m not going to buy anything.

Honestly guys. You’ve been sending me this £15 voucher nearly every week for a year and I haven’t done a thing with it. Take a hint? Please do because I think you’re hurting your reputation as a firm that knows what it’s doing.


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