Congratulations to the “P04N” Spammer!

Much as we detest spam, particularly if it’s flogging some lurid sex, I have to take my hats off to the following guys!


If you’re like me, you’ll have some mental spam avoidance set-up. You’ll perhaps use an ISP with a decent enough firewall to bounce off the most obvious of stuff. You may already know that Googlemail has a really respectable spam filter (in comparison with other web-based email providers) and you may well forward mail through that. You may also then download to your favourite email client and that too may be protected by a reputable Internet security package that also monitors spam in your mailbox. So – belt and braces and your pants are also riveted to your legs to stop them falling down!

I’ve a set-up like this. Decent ISP for my host, forwarding to Hotmail, which then forwards to GMail, which is then downloaded to my email client protected by F-Secure. 4 walls each with their own particular take on spam.

So imagine my surprise to see this simple, clear English, unambiguous message sat happily in my mailbox, undisturbed by Bayesian probability or other magical tools to test its provenance. Just goes to show that the best marketing messages are the ones that are clear and communicate directly with the customer. No messing about with fancy language. Hell – even their domain shows no messing about.

These guys are the ones you need to get your email marketing into the right mailboxes!


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