Long Time No Digi

Has it suddenly become unimportant or is something else afoot?

I’ve wondered about why there hasn’t been anything inspirational to write about the world of digital and social marketing recently. Sure – new this and that  – but nothing truly ground-breaking. iPhone 3Gs still work, a series of copycat devices have turned up, Google is still the most popular search engine, Facebook’s potential is yet to be seen, people are still turning more and more to digital approaches.

A colleague from a firm in town remarked last week that they had never been busier. Despite a looming recession (which by all accounts seems to be affecting only certain kinds of business), the world of digital marketing seems to be moving in a completely different direction. Many “digital creative” firms are struggling to recruit new staff because they are being hoovered up as soon as they become available.

In Manchester, there is some estimation of the size of the problem. I will try and find the actual data, but some analysts put a figure of there being between 10,000 and 17,000 potential job vacancies in the digital sector over the next 5 years (this excludes the traditional IT sector). This figure comes from the idea that the BBC’s move to Media City will also create a bow wave that means supporting firms will also move up/develop/expand to be able to deal with the inevitable work/hubbub that the BBC will create.

That’s a lot of jobs to fill. I’m sure that the figure will be revised downwards in line with recessional effects, but some significant work in the area has to take place to be able to meet demand for employees with the right skills.


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