Google starts to eat the world

2 things catch my eye.

First is the arrival of Chrome, Google’s take on a web browser. Do we need another when Google already fund Mozilla and its development fo Firefox. Well they seem to think so, and the Google Comic (mistakenly sent out several days to soon) provides the technical reasoning behind it.

It seems to be about bringing the notion of browser and operating system together. The browser being just a cool place to do things not a special application in its own right.

The impact for marketers could be immense. Google will no doubt be considering its marketplace amongst its advertisers when developing this environment, and such a tool could take behavioural analysis of users a more interesting proposition. But it’s a giant leap of faith and will require some people to really rethink how they’ve developed their web presence.

The other news is how Google has won some battles against people who use the word “Google” in domain names, and a ruling by the prestigious WIPO shows that using a domain such as “” is just not playing fair. Domain/typosquatters/black-hatters should now start to take note.


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