FAIL! Zavvi Become the Latest Social Media Victim

Zavvi (the record store we used to called Virgin Megastore) are the latest firm to get bombed by social media applications.

I don’t want to go into the story too much (you can read about it here), but let’s say that their business acumen must be called into question by ordering and then banning the “War on Terror” board game.

The makers are regular digital citizens and their online ‘hood came to the rescue. As a result, the games that were recalled have been given away for free in front of the Zavvi store on Oxford Street in London. Cue much blogging, inclusion on B3ta, blogged by Graham Linehan (the writer of Father Ted and The IT Crowd), tonnes of hits on their own blog page and a YouTube video showing the whole event. Great publicity, all of it free, most of it digital, ultimately funded by Zavvi.

If I was a Zavvi Exec right now – I’d be shooting my PR team, and firing myself. FAIL!


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