Is my MSc too expensive?

I am the course leader for the MSc in Digital Marketing Communications at MMU Business School. This is a prestigious programme which combines the very latest new practice training from E-consultancy with academic support and development from our experienced teaching staff at the University.

This part-time course (which last 30 months) is hard work for students. There is a significant amount of training, study and assessment. Students have to engage with each other, trainers and teaching staff on a very regular basis. It’s tough and the rewards at the end of the programme mean that students can look at their achievement with some pride.

The cost of the programme is £3450 +VAT for year 1, £3450 + VAT for year 2 and £1850 for the final consultancy dissertation.

It’s quite a lot of money for a course, just less than your average MBA but obviously more than a bog standard MA in something or other. And this is the rub. Is it too expensive? As a professional MSc, it doesn’t attract any government subsidy unlike certain other programmes. It contains siginificant industrial and commercial know-how that you don’t get in your bog standard MA. And you need to be working in a cognate profession to get the most out of it.

It’s the way of things to come. The price reflects the real cost of running a programme of this nature and the return that a student gets from this programme are way beyond those that one could expect with an old-fashioned MA programme. Sure it’s dear. Boy is it worth it. An exclusive club.


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